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I  come to presume 

Walking a long healing path


We were perfect and whole before our birth

We get hurt through interacting with others

We get healed through others

Our life is 

A long ongoing journey

To heal the wounds

So as to return to the original

Perfect state

Though I am only a lay person

Not a psychic or a psychologist

I would like to offer

What I have learned on my path

As a bouquet of flowers

To those 

Who want to begin their journey

Who are walking

Who are taking a break

Who are feeling the path too long

Who got lost in their way

May the flowers cheer them up

2 thoughts on “Opening Words”

  1. お久しぶりです。先生の英語とも、長らくご無沙汰です。綺麗なお花と共に癒されました。

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